"Blog #1 And We Begin"

This week I watched a classic movie from 1933, "Dinner At Eight."  John Barrymore played an aging stage and silent screen actor, famous for his dashing profile and dramatic poses, but he refused to make the transition to the talkies. This was due in part to his advancing age, but even more importantly his reluctance to embrace new technology and evolve his skills.

I'm not saying his position was wrong.  In my own musical house I fiercely cling to the sound of acoustic instruments rather than electronic sounds.  Sometimes the right decision is not to take a certain path.

I have decided to take a few steps down the blogging path to share some of my musical experiences.

As Marvin Goldstein said to me this week, "Music is not the icing.  It's the cake."   

Want some cake?

Velma Frye