People around the world have enjoyed learning the songs from the two CDs, “Seven Sacred Pauses” and “Take Heart,” in retreats, vocal workshops, and concerts.

Songs about life, love, and nature from the feminine perspective
To sing in a circle of women is sweet and powerful. We recreate this ancient practice, sing our stories, and sing our blessings for the world.


Velma Frye offers a variety of programs that teach people how vocal music can be used to heighten our awareness, and help us connect with our bodies and our emotions, with the natural world, and with the unique spirit in each of us. By singing together, you will learn firsthand how we relax, we find our true voices, we express ourselves, we have fun, we feel more alive, and we enjoy a greater sense of community. No knowledge of music notation or any professional experience is required, only a desire to explore and sing. Always in a non-judgmental and encouraging environment, workshops can be tailored to fit almost any group or to focus on any special topic.

MUSIC FOR THE RHYTHM OF LIFE: Songs for the hour, day, month, season, year, event
The simple act of singing awakens us to the beauty of the present moment. Honoring the time and the season deepens our experience of the rhythm of the year and of life's events. You will learn how rhythm, tempo, and melody in music can bring meaning and fun to your daily life.

With a Master's Degree in Music Education and 40 years' experience, Velma teaches children's and adult choruses, classical and popular piano, music theory, ear training, and popular song arranging.